Wednesday, September 12, 2012

USA Pro Challenge (Denver)

After a great day in Golden we rode down to Denver for the finish, which was a time trial through the city starting and ending in Civic Center Park.  Denver put on a great show, the setup of the race and all the vendors made for a really fun day.

Looking out the start ramp.

The finish....

All the teams were setup behind the big stage shown in a picture earlier.  Pretty interactive setup in Denver giving you a chance to walk around and see the race from different places including getting up close to see them warming up.  It was like having a VIP pass, but everything was open to anyone.

It was great being able to attend 3 stages of the race this year, it was so much fun.  Last year we went because it was in Golden.....neither of us had seen a pro cycling event and didn't really know what to expect.  We ride road bikes now as well, but wouldn't consider us serious about it or into pro racing.  We are now both hooked.

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