Sunday, September 9, 2012


We finally made it to Durango to ride over our 10th anniversary.  We spent 7 days there riding and camping and it was amazing.  The riding is unreal there and so much of it....another amazing Colorado town.

Day 1
We made the drive setup camp and went for a ride right from the camp in the Log Chutes trail system.  We even saw a black bear in the first 30 minutes of the ride (no picture...wanted to keep moving).

Sarah heading up.....

Some really nice not heavily used single track.

 There is a pretty nice looking DH run back there....

Not a bad start....

Day 2
We headed up to the start of the Hermosa Creek trail for a really nice day in the high country of the San Juan mountains.  The route was Bolam > CT (over Blackhawk Pass) > Stagecoach > Hermosa Creek.  A 25 mile loop that packed a punch with 4,500 feet of climbing and much of the ride between 11,000 and 12,000 feet.

A long dirt road grind to start.

Finally at Bolam and the Colorado Trail....

Amazing single track from here all the way to the car....some of the best anywhere.  Hermosa Peak in the background we would work our way around on the right side.

Sarah making her way across Hermosa Peak.

San Juan's.....just amazing.

Miles and miles of this.....

On Blackhawk pass....12,000 feet.

We just cam through there.....

Dropping of the back of Blackhawk.

Saw a ton of shroooms.....

More crappy single track......

Stagecoach fun.

Sarah crossing Hermosa Creek to finish up.

Relaxing back at camp.

Day 3
We decided to take it a little easy on our actual anniversary and did short ride from camp using the Colorado Trail and Dry Fork.

Durango is right down there.....just so much wilderness around this great town.

After our ride we went into Durango (it was only a 15 minute drive from our camp) and walked around grabbed some food and beers.  Turned out to be a good idea as it rained really hard for a couple hours.

But the rain cleared and we headed back to camp and had a nice night.

Day 4
Phil's World....heard so many great things about this trail system and it was fantastic.  I was actually giggling like a kid riding the trails there.   The trails are desert riding about an hour from Durango in Cortez, but the way the trails are built it is a mix of desert, pump track, and BMX......

Even some slickrock mixed in.

In the evening we did a nice little hike with Lakota....he did great doing walks every evening as a 13 year old.

He likes it....

Day 5
We did some more trails in the Log Chutes and connected that to the Animas City Mountain....

Animas Mountain

Looking North


Day 6
The USA Pro Challenge started in Durano this year and we happened to be there...seeing as we had so much fun in Golden last year, we headed into town to watch the start and then went for a ride.

Levi last year's winner.

Cadel and George

Governor starting the week of racing.

Park in Durango after the start.

Then we walked back to the car and headed over to the Horesgulch trail system which is right out of town and has over 40 miles of trail.

Back to camp and enjoying the backyard with Lakota.


Day 7
Packed up camp slowly and headed home.....we will be spending a lot more time in Durango next year.

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