Sunday, July 24, 2011

Desert Wonderings (cont.)

Day 8 we woke up to heavy rain and quickly realized biking was probably not going to happen.  So we headed into town had some breakfast and decided to go to Arches.

On the way in Sarah suggested we should try and get a permit for the Fiery Furnace.  This is a must do hiking experience in a maze of red rock walls and canyons.

Day 9 we again woke up to heavy rain so we decided to head into the park again while there was a window of dry weather.

Really nice light on the La Sal's at camp....notice all the fresh snow up there.

Day 10 we did Slickrock again.....

Day 11 the plan was to ride the UPS down as a loop from camp, but I ended up puncturing my front tire and the stans wouldn't seal very well.  So we ended up bailing after LPS down Sand Flats road.  Once there headed into town got a new tire and headed out to the MOAB Brand trails.

Sarah grinding up Sand Flats....

From the rim....

 Ride number two of the day....

Sunset viewing with some beverages on our last night....MOAB.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High Country

Finally made it up to the high country for a couple rides last weekend; with the large winter the mountains had and the really wet July we have been having on the Front Range high country riding has been limited.

Saturday went up the Winter Park/Fraser to explore some of the "local" trails I have noticed over the past two summers.  The pace was slow with the navigation and adventuring of these trails, but what I have realized is there is a legit underground trail system up there.  Just so much to ride here in Colorado....over 6 years and thousands of miles and I am still riding new to me trail.

Sunday we headed up to Kenosha Pass off of highway 285 up near South Park; however, most people ride the west side up to Georgia Pass....we went East instead and saw no other bikers all day and very few people.