Friday, August 14, 2015

Aspen, CO (Day 5)

This was a long hard ride with a lot of climbing, but one of the best routes I have done.  A new favorite for me.  Basically followed the left cheek of the Pain in the Aspen which circumvents the entire Snowmass Valley.

39 miles with 5,900 feet of climbing

Aspen, CO (Day 4)

Day four we did a short ride up Buttermilk Ski area and finished down the Aspen section of the Government trail.  

14 miles 2,000 feet of climbing

Aspen, CO (Day 3)

Day three we headed over to Smugglers and Red Mountain; did roughly the right cheek of the Pain in the Aspen an endurance race that packs quite a bit of climbing.  This ride sure did that as most of the climbing was steep.  This ride had a backcountry feel to it; there were stretches of 2 plus hours where we did not see anyone else.

The views of the Aspen valley were amazing along with the largest continuous aspen grove I have ever ridden through.

22 miles with 3,900 feet of climbing