Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kenosha Pass > Georgia Pass > Little French > Boreas Pass > Como

This has been a route I have wanted to attempt for a little while now.  We started early and dropped a car in Como and headed back up to Kenosha Pass where we would ride the Colorado trail up over Georgia Pass and work our way across Mt. Guyote into Little French, up Sallie Barber over to Boreas Pass road and finish with the Gold Dust trail into Como.

It was a huge day 50 miles point-to-point with 5,500 of climbing taking us 9.5 hours through some remote and rugged old mining flumes, with a great mix of everything from smooth and fast to technical.  Great day and a great route.

The route in google earth

Looking east at the top of Kenosha Pass.

Starting the day out.....fall has arrived up high.

Getting close to Georgia Pass.....

Heading down the Colorado Trail....


More Flume

More flume

Top of Little French...about 25 miles of amazing trail to this point....half way.

Sallie Barber mine.

Heading up Boreas Pass road....

Looking back at Breckenridge....

Finally.....mile 40.

Gold Dust Trail

Classic fall riding in Colorado.

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