Friday, September 14, 2012

The "Great" Flume

I am finally caught up on the blog....last Saturday the plan was to take another crack at finding the "Great" flume in Breckenridge.  Overall there is a good amount of info out on the internet about this trail, which is a old water grade built and used by miners; however, it hasn't been easy for me to find.  If I had a full GPS with a track I could have probably found it sooner, but I don't and I do enjoy the adventuring.

After missing it the last time I looked in July I did some more research and confirmed that I was on it, but it was not very apparent where the trail was.  So I decided to try picking it up from the top of American Gulch to see if it was easier to find.

Finally after a couple years of looking for this trail I found is a significant connector trail that opens up many different loop options in Breckenridge, as big as you want them to be without any repeat of trail.

Oh and the trail was awesome.....

We started at the Dredge and made our way up Discovery Ridge.

Sarah enjoying the view from the top of Gold Run.

Aspens are already starting to change.....

Heading up French with Guyot in the background.

Little French

Top of Little French

Sarah striking a pose....

Looking up French Pass

And finally the "Great" flume.....

About 8 miles of basically flat grade....really fun.

Some of the old flume still in tact.


Sarah enjoying the glow of the fall high county.

Guyot.......just below the main tree line in this picture is roughly where the flume cuts across Guyot.  Pretty remote feel to the ride in there.  We didn't see anyone for a couple hours.

And the full route for the day.....

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