Monday, June 28, 2010

Endurance Event of a Different Kind

Since the Hundo I have been riding a little less; trying to recover before the 4th of July and the Firecracker 50 which is half the mileage of two weeks ago, but the same amount of climbing (with most above 10,000 feet).

This will be the first time doing this race, one I have wanted to do since moving to Colorado 5 years here it is.

Last weekend was Widespread Panic at Red Rocks for three nights and the nature of this event is a test of endurance.  Admission is all GA so being the freaks we and our friends are we get in line early every day, that plus the sun and beer makes for a long weekend.  Did still manage to get 4 rides in last week with one even Sunday morning after going to bed at 3:00 AM.  Finally felt better on Sunday, starting to recover from that 100 mile day.

For now some pictures from a great weekend at Red Rocks with some great friends among the freaks that love Panic in our state.

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