Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bailey Hundo

Well I can say I finished; took me 12 hours of what was an amazing event that came together in a very short time.  Big thanks to those who supported me; I was able to raise $250 in addition to the $100 I put in.  Also big thanks to all the volunteers who were so helpful at the aid stations.  I am really happy to have been part of this event and hope to do so again next year.

Friday afternoon we went up to Buffalo Creek to setup camp for the weekend and then it was off to the Romer Ranch outside of Bailey.  Senator Chris Romer invited all the race participants and volunteers to his family ranch for some BBQ food and relaxing before the suffering started.  This place was amazing....

First the google earth image of the course for some perspective....this thing is big.

Sarah dropped me at the start in the morning and then went around to a few of the aid stations and took some pictures.  Overall I road strong, but came apart on the climb out of Deckers in the 90 degree was brutal and I almost quit a few times, but managed to get through the numb hands, sore neck, sore a$$, serious shooting pain cramping, and the mental game going on to finish this thing.

The start...

Coming out the bottom of Sandy Wash.

Me in Deckers at mile 70 feeling really good....this was about an hour away from my meltdown.

Through the last aid station....mile 90ish

Finishing up....

Yeah I think that sums it up.

After doing the White Rim last fall I thought I would have this one pretty easily, but this race course was really hard.  Overall seemed everyone had different numbers on their GPS units, not sure why so much variability, but most people are saying 105 miles with 12,000 feet of gain.

And finally.....

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