Sunday, July 11, 2010

Couple Weeks

What a couple weeks it has been with the Baily Hundo > Panic at Red Rocks > Firecracker 50 > Circumvent Mt. Guyot.

First the Firecracker 50 - after doing the 100 mile two weeks earlier I actually was feeling pretty good going into this event and a great event this one is, but a really hard 50 miles.  The race organizers claim 11,000 feet of gain in total over the 50 miles, I don't buy this number after doing the race, but would guess at least 8,000 in total which is still pretty brutal over this technical course.  I ended up finishing in 6.5 hours, not a bad time for me overall considering I backed off my pace in the second lap.

Me coming through the first lap....

 Sarah and Taylor finishing together...

Yesterday decided to do the Circumvent Mt. Guyot in Breckenridge; a 40 mile ride with 6,200 feet of gain, going up to 12,100 11,800 and 11,300 during the ride....brutal is what this was for me yesterday.  Both the races and the 1,700 miles I have ridden this year finally caught up to me and I was slow and really hurting today.

Next will be in Portland, ME for a friend's wedding really looking forward to going there (never have been) and some down time off the bike to fully recovery from these endurance races and get back to just doing big self supported rides with lots of miles every week.

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  1. Portland ME?!?!?! Lived there for 7 years. Awesome city with some great riding around those parts! Where was the weeding?