Sunday, May 26, 2013


8 days in Moab with perfect weather........

11 rides
170 miles
16,300 feet of climbing
35 hours of ride time......

and way too many pictures....

Day 1

Took a half day so arrived in the evening but managed to get a lap around the practice loop and a ride with Paul and Deb on their E loop.

Day 2

The Variation.....a favorite ride of ours with big views and amazing slick rock riding.

Evening hanging around camp.

Day 3

After jumping right into the Variation on our first full day we opted for some more mellow riding out at the Bar M trails.

Sarah getting ready for Circle O

Afternoon walk around Slick Rock.

Day 4

Super Mag 7 - this is one of our new favorites.  We started from highway 313 at the 7 Up trail which puts on the top of Bull Run (the old Green Dot).  Route was 7 Up > Bull Run > Great Escape > Little Canyon > Arth's Corner > Get A Way > 7 Up.  A 40 mile ride with no car shuttle.....

More to come......

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