Thursday, May 30, 2013

MOAB (continued)

Day 5

Amasa Back a fan favorite with a new addition Captain Ahab.  Route Amasa > Pothole Arch > Rockstacker > Captain Ahab.

Bonzi Juniper....

Day 6

313 > M&M > 313

In the afternoon I headed out on the Slick Rock worked the main loop to Upper Shrimp Rock and then back through the middle route.

Finishing up a fine day.....

Day 7

Lunar > Seems

Day 8

Hazard Down (cut my tire had to bail at Porc Rim out Sand Flats)

Headed to the new Klonzo Trails in the afternoon.

Final evening to walk around camp.

Yep Moab left me refreshed and ready for the riding season.

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