Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Golden Weekend

Great weekend of riding and no driving.  Spent the entire weekend in Golden with one mountain bike and one road ride for about 80 miles in total with a stop at Golden City Brewery.  Heard a new term to us from one of the employees at GCB "IPA Wasted" sort of happens at that place.

For the riding I did a mountain version and road version of the same riding this weekend....just so many options right from our front door.

Orange is the mountain biking version and blue is the road version.  

You can string together many parks in Jefferson County which is what the ride on Saturday was with 37 miles and a painful 5,200 feet of climbing.

A couple pictures from the ride.....the first is the last of 6 really nasty switch backs that took me 3 years to clean.

Looking towards Red Rocks where I would eventually start heading back to Golden.

Red Rocks Trail.....

Pretty nice weekend and a really nice two weeks with 305 miles and 31,000 feet of climbing.  Starting to feel really strong again and looking forward to a few more big rides to finish out 2011.

The last two weeks on the bike....

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