Sunday, April 3, 2011


March was great....feels really nice to be back on the bike on a consistent basis, especially with the Bailey 100 coming up really fast (June 18th).  In addition, my wife Sarah will be participating in the race this year.  Really exciting we have both been riding a ton this past month to get ready.  I am really hoping I will be able to improve on my 12 hour day last year.

March ended as it started with dry and warm weather and a rather big month in miles for me.  Over the past couple years March has been around 225 miles in total.  With the once a week road ride and some really dry conditions I was able to get 480 miles in this year.

Last weekend was a 41 mile 5,100 feet of gain ride out in Buffalo Creek; many of the trails ridden here are part of the Bailey 100 course.  This place really does have some of the most amazing trail I have ridden anywhere.

The route.....

Today we have been getting a rain snow mix since about 11:30...moving slowly from yesterday we did not get out for a ride today, but yesterdays road ride in 84 degree weather made up for it.  Yesterday we started from Golden >Lookout Mnt. Road > Genesee > Evergreen Parkway > Barr Gulch > Kittridge > Deer Creek > Denver > Golden.  This was a really cool ride with much of it traversing North to South through the mountains around 7,000 to 8,000 feet.  Some really nice mountain communities we have never been to before.  The ride was 77 miles with 5,100 feet of gain.

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