Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Like a Lamb

March that is.....has been one of the driest and mild I have ever seen.  Pretty much 60 degree temps all month....some days under that and some over with a couple 75 degree days so far.  As such I have been riding a  ton so far and I needed it....especially with the Bailey Hundo coming up (yes for some reason I have decided to do this race again).

So far this month 16 rides for 331 miles....a couple of these rides on road with an actual road bike.....

I have only done 3 road rides with two over 60 miles each.....I do have to admit it is a nice change of pace and there is a really nice bike path network around the Denver Metro area that allows for really big rides.  I do think the bike is going to help build my base for the Bailey and also help with recovery after long days on the mountain bike.

Now for some pictures from rides the past couple weeks. 

Red Rocks

Dakota Ridge

Green Mountain


More Apex

North Table Mountain

 All ridable from Golden.....pretty amazing network of trail we have here and the weather has been amazing.

With this amazing weather there has been little to no moisture on the Front Range this winter.  While the high country has been getting well above normal snow, we have been dry and with this comes the chance for fire.

There have been some large nationally covered fires on the Front Range lately, specifically the Four Mile Canyon fire in Boulder.  However, this time it is Golden's turn....as I type this there is a 1,200 acre fire burning just over the ridge from Golden.

I saw the fire right after it started on Sunday while on the road bike going up Lookout Mountain Road.  At that point it was only 5 acres.  This fire has gotten really close to the neighborhood just up from us....to the point I was watching the helicopter drop water on it from my front porch.

Today since the fire started the winds have been insane with the worst happening now....easily gust of 70 mph on the ridges and town is really smokey right now.

Some pictures....

Some more photos from a local.....

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