Sunday, June 21, 2015

Alpine to the Sea (Day 1)

We spent four days total biking in the Mediterranean Alps (birthplace of Enduro) with a guide 

The first three days we had multiple shuttles per day and started in the high alpine eventually finishing at the Sea in Menton.

Our guide Greg was amazing as was the whole trip.  Greg provides great tours at a reasonable price considering all the logistics of the shuttles, food and lodging are included.

About 6,200 feet.....strange considering Golden is at 5,800.

Old building from WWI

We rode into many little villages over the three days

Our guide Greg

Lodging for the first night.....this wasn't even a town, it is a nordic ski center with three hotels.

Sarah and I went for a walk in the evening

Some sort of cheese shop way out in the middle of nowhere

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