Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why not.......

ride in Breckenridge again?  Just can't many great trails.  I have been exploring the golden horseshoe area the past couple years.  A couple weeks ago I put together a nice route through there and decided to refine it a bit.

I added in Little French this time seeing if I could get the top of the moto trails I got into last time.  The extra grind up Little French paid off.  I got right on the trail and was able to stay on it pretty easily.  This is a great new route I have up there now.  Cut a couple things out yesterday, but will add those in next time pushing this ride close to 50 miles.

Some new trail connecting Turks to Salley Barber road.

 Guyot....Little French comes in at tree line in the main drainage off the peak.

Grinding up Little abound.

Top of Little French...took a nice break and pumped some ice cold water.

Little French flume.

Then a whole bunch of this back to the car.

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