Monday, September 9, 2013

Breckenridge Flume Loop

Since adding the great flume to my Breck network last year I have been thinking of some new loops that would use the flume.  I have had one in particular on my mind that would finish with some of the trails in the Golden Horseshoe area that I have not ridden yet.

Had some idea this would be a big ride, but it turned out to be really big.....or at least would have been.  I ended up putting a cut in my tire as I was almost across the great flume.  I was able to use a gu wrapper to get a tube to hold air in the tire and had to bail out some dirt roads American Gulch > Tiger Run Road.

The route for the day was:
Colorado Trail > Hippo > Soda Creek > Soda Ridge >Aqueduct > May Trail > Blair Witch > Galena Ditch > Tiger Run Road > Colorado Trail > Great Flume > .......tire blown had to bail.

The day still had 45 miles even with the bail out so assuming the full route I wanted to do would have been over 50 at a minimum.

Guyot way in the distance.....the great flume cuts across the face of it just below tree line.  A long way to there.....about 30 miles of trail lied ahead from where this picture was taken.

Yep tons of shrooms in Breck also.

Guyot getting closer......still have to climb up there.

About ready to cut across the face of Guyot.

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