Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eagle, CO

Finally made it up to Eagle.....another large network of trails 2 hours from Golden and about 30 miles west of Vail.  There is a mix of desert riding with forested alpine riding all in the same network.  A really unique trail system in an area that has huge potential for more.  The riding was really fun rivaling the 18 Road network in Fruita.....I think Eagle is better.  Looking forward to riding more up there.

Day 1: 3rd Gulch > Pipeline > Firebox > Abrams > Scratch > Abrams Ridge

Starting the day out climbing 3rd Gulch.


 Top of Pipeline.


Holy Cross wilderness in the distance.

Descending Abrams 

Scratch least what the locals call the gypsum formations.....makes for some really fun riding.

Day 2:  Abrams Gulch > Catwalk > Easy Rider > Star Wars > Tick Alley > Elmer's > School House Rock

Starting the day out.

A few fall colors left.

Really cool landscape around here.


Easy Rider....good times on this one.

Working over to Tick Alley


Finishing up.....

We both had a great time up there.....the trails are unique and diverse, with a lot of climbing.  We were both pretty surprised by how much as you are expecting desert riding, which typically doesn't have big long climbs.  Not in Eagle....we rode only 36 miles in two days, but climbed 6,500 feet.

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