Sunday, July 22, 2012

High Country, Fires, Beaches, and more High Country

After the Bailey I had been feeling pretty worked for a couple weeks, so took some time away from the bike (well at least didn't ride as hard as I normally do).

With the poor snow year in the high country riding in Breckenridge opened up early this year.  Went up for a nice ride the week after the Bailey and was dragging, but still nice to get out.  Conditions up there were the driest I have ever seen it.

Shortly after this another fire started just outside of Boulder adding to what has been the worst fire season in Colorado history.  This is taken from North Table Mountain in Golden looking towards Boulder.

Just after the July 4th holiday we went to Laguna Beach for a long weekend.  The weather was amazing and it was nice to be off the bike for most of the week.

Finally last weekend I started feeling pretty strong again on the bike was ready for a nice long ride in Breckenridge (plan was to do a 50 to 60 mile loop).

Starting the day....

  Rain over the past couple weeks had things green up in Breck again and the trails in great shape.
 Some adventuring lead me to this old cabin.

 And then the rain came and pretty early....ended up cutting my ride short after riding in the rain for 2 hours.  Finished up the day with 35 miles and 4,500 feet of gain, along with exploring two new to me trails.

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