Sunday, April 15, 2012


Another busy work week has flown by; however, we did spend 4 days in Fruita last weekend.  Weather was pretty nice, with a pretty windy and cool day on Friday.  We were going to camp at Highline State Park for the weekend, but got there and quickly realized it wasn't going to work for us.  So we headed over to 18 road and found a nice spot in a grove of Junipers.

First day we headed to the Lunch Loops and made our way up to the Ribbon and then down Holy Cross.

A walk in the evening around camp with Lakota.

Some camp shots....moon was bright all weekend.

Day two....WIND!!  With the wind we ended up riding Mary's > Horsethief > Rustler Loop in the morning and then did some "Hot Laps" around camp in the afternoon.

Day 3 Rabbit Valley.....

Final day some more "Hot Laps" around the 18 road trails.  Another great trip to kick off the 2012 camping/riding season.

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  1. Everything looks so dry. Makes me very thirsty.