Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Not much else to say about this amazing place (we really do enjoy our time here).  Just finished up our fall trip to Moab, bringing us to 17 days spent there in 2011.

First day did a quick ride with Paul and Deb....313 to M&M.

Day 2 we were joined by some friends some from SLC and others coming from the east coast for their first riding experience in Moab.  We headed out to Baby Steps > EKG (new trail) > Green Dot.

The Harding.....

 Marching Men.....

Day 3 was "The Whole Enchilada"....

This was the first time I have done the full ride; had done Hazard down before, but not the full ride, which is pretty crazy considering we have spent over 100 days in Moab in the past 6 years.  Not much else to say about this one aside that it is epic.  Starting at 11,600 feet in the La Sal Mountains and dropping 7,000 feet of vertical back into Moab.

The day was perfect and the group was ready (thanks to Sarah for the ride up).

  On the way up to Burro Pass.....

The Burro climb reminded me of Wheeler Pass in Breck.....however, Wheeler is a bit more brutal than this climb.

We are in the right place....close to 30 miles down from here with some climbs mixed in.

Wes.....pretty amazing to be riding through all these Aspens in Moab.
Warner Lake

Wes working his way through Hazard

Dave on UPS

Dave on LPS

Lunch spot at the start of Porc Rim....no one was there just us, a really quiet day on this trail.  Just before Dave went over the bars and hurt his wrist.

Dave riding out with a broken wrist.

After shot....Dave managed to ride out most of the remaining 8 miles with what turned out to be a broken wrist.

Some sunset photos from camp.

Day 4 was the Slickrock Trail (middle route).

Finally a nice sunrise on our final morning......great trip to Moab again.

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