Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Moab

It was back to Moab for our big trip down there; 12 days with 11 days straight of riding. (230 miles with 15,000 feet of gain)

The rides:

Slickrock > Fins

M&M Variation

LPS Down (no shuttle) > Practice Loop


3D > Lunar Canyon > Hidden Canyon > Bartlett

Amasa Back > Domes > Rock Stacker > Amasa down

Moab Brand Trails

Salt Wash > Brushy Basin > Cedar Mountain > Sovereign

Slick Rock (center route) > Main Trail > Fins > Paul's Trail

UPS Down (no shuttle) > Practice Loop > Fins > Paul's Trail (this was a big one 44 miles)

Moab Brand Trails

And some pics from around camp...

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